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April 23, 2008 at 3:03 pm (Update) ()

Hey All……I don’t blog (heh, says Julie… NOW she does…), but I thought I’d send a quick note to let you all know that we had a great time last evening…..small but fun group gathered at City Knitting. May I just say: what a fabulous shop! I was so distracted that I didn’t really do any knitting!

We discovered a new disorder…Post Traumatic Knitting Disorder (PTKD) that we will be researching in the coming months. If you suffer from this disorder, please be advised that the best treatment is to continue knitting until the symptoms (whatever those are for you) subside. It is also believed that the size of your yarn stash is directly related to your recovery…more yarn quicker recovery.

There was considerable talk about a knitting sleepover at the beach…right Barb? Details to be worked out at a later gathering.

well, back to work…..missed those of you who weren’t able to be there,

And then Lois adds a recap on who’s working on what:
*Barb came in working on socks but left with a wonderful new summer vest in a green that we all consulted on.
*Becky worked on socks, I think, but also did show-and-tell of her weaving in the parking lot. Beautiful!
*Avril continues to plug away on her grey cardigan, doing more knitting and less talking. We dissuaded her from turning it into a short-sleeved cardigan.*
*Sue is *so* nearly done with her toddler sweater, and found very cute puppy buttons, which inspired her to do some kind of applique doghouse on the back. . . stay tuned!
*Kristen worked (when she wasn’t dazzled!) on a green lacy shawl. She valiantly resisted a color-block sweater coat kit. . . so far.
II theoretically worked on socks, but left with three new projects.
*Lorilee was working on socks when she wasn’t tempting people with new projects or helping them over rough spots.

Who’m I missing? Oh, and there was a lovely nutty cake that appeared mid-evening. Thanks, Lorilee, for hosting!


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